New Puppy? 5 Things to Buy to Help Them Transition Home


Did that little ball of fluff steal your heart from the first time you saw them?! Yep, your officially a dog owner now. Leaving their “pack” can be stressful for your new puppy but there are some things you can do to help them make a smooth transition.  Be prepared for you puppy to have some tummy issues as they handle the stress.

1. Get them a Puppy Lovey! Talk to your breeder to see if they have a “puppy lovey” you can buy from them. This is often a blanket or soft toy they can use to rub the puppy’s mama’s sent on.  I love the GoodDogBed company’s blankets because my dogs seem to love them! They are soft and durable! If your breeder doesn’t provide this service, ask if you can have one mailed to them and then you can pick it up when you get your puppy!


2. Buy the right crate! Helping your puppy sleep comfortably is key.  You want them to have enough room to turn around but don’t want them to have enough room to go potty in a corner.  This helps them build their bladder control muscles and helps them get potty trained.  I recommend the Mid West Life Stages Crate.  It has a movable wall so you can make it smaller when they are a puppy and bigger as they grow. Plus, you can put their blanket in there to make it more comfortable in there.

3. Make sure they are getting the right nutrition.  Feeding your puppy the same food your breeder was using will also be helpful in transitioning your puppy home.  Check with your breeder to see what they recommend or if they can give you a small bag to take home with you.  CAUTION! Many dog foods are not good quality! So many have been recalled and it is scary what you can find.  This is my favorite dog food. It is a little more pricey but they have never had any products recalled.  It is also packed full of good stuff so we4483272 ended up feeding our dogs less of it.

If you want to make sure your puppy is still getting the proper nutrition, you can also get these amazing vitamins. They are packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more. Order these NuVet vitamins and their other products here.

*If you find your puppy is having trouble pooping or has runny poop, get a can of pumpkin puree (not the pumpkin pie mix) and put 1-2 Tablespoons of it mixed in with their meal each time you feed them until their poop is stable.

4. Read up on different philosophies on dog training and get educated.  Just like people and children can be so different, so can puppies.  What worked for your previous dog might not work for your new dog.  Our favorite book is The Monks of New Skete. They are all about how to become your dog’s best friend and cover a range of topics.


5. Puppy Kindergarten! Ask your breeder if they provide a Puppy Kindergarten Program or if they are associated with a Puppy Kindergarten program.  This is usually a week extra where they stay with some of their siblings and get a head start on potty and crate training.  This is a great stepping stone for puppies as they don’t get cut off cold turkey from their mama and the pack.  Talk to your breeder about whether or not they provide this service.


Congratulations on your new puppy!!!



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