Temperament Testing For Puppies


Choosing the right puppy for you and your family is an important decision! Many times we have heard of people choose the wrong puppy.  Most people feel that the first puppy who runs up to them, is kissing them or jumping towards them is “their puppy.”  Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Meanwhile, they may be ignoring other puppies who come up less quickly.   Making a decision as important as matching up with a puppy should not be made in an emotional instant, which is why we use this temperament test to help families and us make the best match. As the breeder, we have observed the puppies closely for almost two months and tested them.  We therefore do the matching process after interviewing our clients about their desires for a dog.  If you are working with a breeder who does the matching process like we do, be sure to be honest and thorough in you interview answers.


At J + A Family Doodles, we have a lot of experience in placing puppies with their forever families.  Here is the six-test temperament test to help us communicate with our clients and find the best puppy for them and their family.


We print out one chart for each puppy and circle which category we find them in for each of the tests.  This helps us find out which puppies are most likely going to have more energy verses the ones that may be more calm or which ones are going to be more independent.  Different families are looking for different personality types.  While all puppies have lots of energy it helps us find the differences within each litter.






Even after working with many different puppies and families over the years, we are still amazed at how well this process works.  As with anything in dealing with puppies and people, it is not perfect but we hope it will be helpful to you in getting matched up with your puppy!


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