Natural 4 Ingredient Weed Killer


This natural weed killer only used a few ingredients and worked so well!

 I wanted to try a natural weed killer as we have a well water source for our home.  I also wanted to compare the effectiveness of a natural weed killer compared to a chemical/store bought weed killer.

It ended up doing a way better job than the store bought/chemical version!


I used  my mother’s formula she has been using for years. It was surprisingly easy and cheap!

You only need a few ingredients:

1.       2 cups vinegar

2.       1 TBSP salt

3.       2 TBSP blue Dawn

4.       Several drops citrus based essential oil (optional)

5.       Spray Bottle (At least 20oz) –I poured out my Windex into a mason jar temporarily that spray bottle.

*If you have a funnel, that would be helpful for pouring the ingredients into the bottle

To make:

1.       Pour in one cup of the vinegar in the spray bottle

2.       Add the salt

3.       Add the blue Dawn and oils if you’re using them

4.       Finally, add the other cup of vinegar to wash out the funnel from the oil/soap to collect it all

5.       Put the lid on and shake well!

I multiplied this recipe by 7 as we have a large property and a lot of weeds I wanted to kill!

 Use it on the weeds/plants you want to kill.  You can really spray it on any part of the weed and the mix will do it’s job!

Depending on the weed, it may take another application or two over a few day period.

Be careful not to spray near plants that you want to live as this will kill wanted plants too.



Happy weeding!

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