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I want to make sure everyone knows there is a $200 spay/neuter fee.  Some of our litters must be spayed/neutered before going home to their family because of who the papa is.  This litter has Sidekick for a papa and is therefore required to be spayed and neutered with us.  We will take them to the vet and get this procedure done and will have a certification of the procedure for you on pick-up day.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Santa left something fluffy and snuggly under the tree…


*Puppy Pickup will be January 28th! All of these puppies are spoken for. We are taking reservations for our spring/summer litters.

Beautiful mama with her precious babes

We are so happy to announce that our beautiful Latte had 9 gorgeous F1 puppies on December 4th! She did amazing!!! We have 5 boys and 4 girls.  The first 36-48 hours are critical when working with puppies. This is the point where they are nursing and with 8 brothers and sisters for competition for milk they can lose out on their share.  Because she had a larger litter, we have separated them into two groups to give everyone a chance to nurse and we switch them out.  Jake and I keep a constant watch on them to make sure they have a good body temperature and are hydrated.  If they need it, we will help them out by supplementing a feeding with goats milk.  The first week they spend all their time with Latte nursing and sleeping.  They haven’t opened their eyes yet and cannot crawl though they are quite mobile and can find mama’s milk wherever she is!

What now???

The next step is to enjoy these precious little ones!! You still have 8 weeks (9 if you sign up for puppy k) so you have plenty of time to get things ready to bring them home.  If you are like me and like to get a head start or like to plan you can check out our Puppy Check List.  This will tell you the basic things you will need for a new puppy.

I always like to encourage people to not worry about which puppy you will pick right now.  We will do the match up process around week 5 1/2-6.  I know right now it may seem impossible to pick just one!!! So don’t worry–we will go over that process when the time comes.  For now, just sit back and enjoy all the cuteness!

If you are a first time puppy parent, here is another article for you: 10 Tips For First Time Dog Owners

Here are their individual pictures and weights:

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Since it was a cold winter day, we were all snuggled up in front of the fire…


Latte is such a good mama! We can’t believe how energetic she was after having 9 puppies!


12/16/16: We can’t believe how fast these little guys are growing! At two weeks old they are opening up their eyes and zooming around! They will learn to fully walk over this next week! To help you in future grooming, we will cut their nails this week and love on them from head to toe.  This helps them to be used to getting groomed, brushed, trimmed, and washed as adults.  Your doodle will need to go the groomers about every 2-3 months but you can also do some maintenance of your own including nail trimming, ear cleaning, and baths.

This week I have also opened up a Puppy Kindergarten Class for this litter.  We will only take 5 puppies, so the first 5 to sign up will get to take the class.  During Puppy K we will take care of the first week of potty training and crate training.  You can read more about it and sign up on our Puppy K page.

Here are the puppies individual photos and weights this week!

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I also couldn’t help myself and put them all in our Christmas basket–they are so cute all snuggled together!!


Latte is just starting to enjoy her walks but she is still pulling us back to her puppies! Normally, she doesn’t pull at all on her leash but man-o-man she is ready to get back to her pups!!! Latte is such a good mama and has also been enjoying this snow!

Latte eating the snow!


And all through the house, not a creature was stirring…not even a puppy…

The snow falling has warmed our hearts this time of year and the fire has warmed the puppies! We are getting things ready for Christmas and having a blast with these cuties.  This week is a turning point for their attachment to mama–they will begin to spend periods of time without her–and more with us.  Latte is also enjoying her time to herself though eagerly wants to get back to her babes.  We continue to snuggle them from head to toe! They are fully mobile and getting more and more vocal each day! As the weather warms up we will also take them outside to play!

loving the snuggles from the dog whisperer!

Here are their individual photos this week:

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We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!


12/30/16: To end the new year the puppies were finally able to go play outside!!! We normally like to take them out sooner but the cold temperature can activate sickness for the puppies.  They were so cute exploring the new territory and we have also opened up their whelping box so they can access to an undercover outside area when it is warm enough.  Latte is not cleaning up after them as much so they also have straw in their indoor area.  Latte is still pulling me to get back to her puppies but is spending more and more time away from them.  You’ll hear in the video the puppies are also finding their voices!

They are now half way to going home!! Their personalities are starting to show and they are getting cuter and cuter! If you haven’t already taken a look at the New Puppy Checklist I would recommend doing it now so everything can be there when you bring your little fluff ball home.

We only have a couple of spots open for Puppy Kindergarten so be sure to sign up soon if you want your puppy to join the class!

Here is a little video of their first time outside:

Here are their individual pictures and weights for this week:

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1/5/16: We are definitely starting to see their personalities show through!!! It is so fun seeing them grow and play! They are spending larger amounts of time away from Latte and are weaning nicely.

*If you wanted to have a transition blanket for your puppy, please send it to us this week! We want to make sure we have plenty of time to get it before Latte goes to the spa and back to her guardian home.  (We will rub the blanket on Latte for you to take home with you–the link is to one of my favorites but feel free to send us other ones!)

Next week we will start the temperament tests and do videos of the puppies.  Here is how the match up process will work: Between now and then Jake and I will perform a temperament test on each of the puppies. Please read that article so you know what tests we are doing and you can think about the kind of temperament you are looking for in a puppy.

Keep in mind that with Golden Doodles there will not be any extremes and you are going to find more similarities between each of the puppies than differences.  In addition, your puppy’s personality will be a combination of it’s nature and your nurture.  So having a good training foundation is key.  You can read through our Biggest Mistakes Made When Housebreaking to help you avoid pitfalls.

After we have done the temperament test with each of the puppies, we will look through all the applications and pick our top 2-3 puppies for what you were looking for.  Then we call the first people on our list.  Together we talk about the puppies that stood out to them and the puppies that stood out to us for them.  After going over the test results and talking it through they will pick which one they want.  Once they are matched up, we will repeat the process with the second people on our list and so on until everyone is matched up.

Often people are concerned with getting matched up with the “right puppy.”  My advice is always to not worry about it! The process always feel very natural and organic.  And remember–they are all super cute and it is hard to go wrong! The only problem I run into is when people have their mind set on ONE puppy and that puppy gets chosen.  To avoid that, please keep an open mind and open heart to all of the puppies and narrow down your favorites to 3-4.

Only one spot left for Puppy K! Be sure to sign up if you wanted your puppy to participate!

Whew! Now with all that in mind, here are the puppies and their pictures this week:


1/13/16: Finally!!! We have completed the temperament tests!

Now begins the matchup process! I will start with the first person our list after a few days so everyone has time to review and think about the puppies. This process can take a while so please be patient if you don’t hear from me for a few days.  Also, please keep in mind there are other families waiting for their puppy match up after you! If you are not signed up for Puppy K this is the time to order your vitamins and food so it can be there when your puppy comes home!

Each puppy has their own video with us preforming the tests on them. You will notice we dod not do the food test…we fed them right before! Please review the test in order to see what behaviors the puppies exhibited to earn the results they got.  Keep in mind, this is a guideline for you to use–not the final say on their personalities. As the shy personalities get comfortable/older you may see them not as shy.  The independent behaviors may also decrease as a puppy bonds with their family.  Basically, please see this as a helpful tool but do not put too much into it. We have spent the last 6 weeks with them and can tell you they are all sweethearts! We would love to keep any (or all–hehe!) of them!!


Here is also some pictures of the puppies playing with Wyatt! (I can’t even handle this much cuteness!!!)

This week we also clipped their nails again! They should be good for you guys for a little while!


1/25/26:  The matchup process is now complete! We are so happy and excited for everyone now that you know which little love is going to be coming home with you!!! Please let me know if you have not received the e-mail from me going over the amount due at puppy-pickup and tips on bringing your puppy home.

We have been enjoying our last week with some of them and are looking forward to Puppy K! Here is a little picture of each of the puppies on their last week with us.  It has been joy to watch them grow. We love looking at their first pictures and then these last ones! We are sure going to miss them!!!


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