title1Fleas are a problem for all dogs but can get especially bad during flea season. It feels like I am often giving the monthly flea treatment on a weekly basis! I cringe at the thought of all those chemicals!! If you’ve been following along you already know I like to use natural and organic products for my humans and animals.

This recipe can help prevent fleas naturally.  When the fleas are in town I use this recipe in conjunction with flea baths and their flea treatments.  But if you have a severe problem, talk to you vet!

This recipe uses only two ingredients!


  1. The first ingredient is Brewers Yeast Powder for Dogs.  Brewers Yeast is an excellent aid to a dog’s diet providing amino acids, protein, and vitamin B. It is able to work against fleas because it contains sulfur compounds that make your dog less palatable to them.


2. The second ingredient is Coconut Oil for Pets. Coconut Oil is known as a “the tree of life” for it’s numerous health benefits for humans and dogs.  Having coconut oil in your pups regular diet can help support healthy skin and beautiful coats, a healthy metabolism, and the immune and cardiovascular systems. Yeast and fungal infections are also treated and prevented through the use of coconut oil. Arthritis and similar pains can also be minimized or treated. Coconut oil can also balance your dog’s metabolism rate to keep his weight under control. Another area in which amazing results have been attained is in prevention of parasitic infestations, and apparently curing the problem in many instances.



1 cup–Organic Coconut Oil For Pets (When I run out, I will also use regular organic coconut oil and have not seen a difference)

1/2 cup–Brewers Yeast For Pets (make sure not to use any other kind of yeast!!!)

2 small–K9 Cakery Bone Silicone Cake Pan, 9 by 5.5-Inch (Any silicone ice cube tray will do–I just love how cute this one is!)


1. Combine melted coconut oil and brewers yeast together in your blender. Blend for roughly 10 seconds until smooth.


2.Transfer blended mixture into a plastic bag and then cut the corner (super small cut).

3. Pour mixture into the silicone cake pan.


4. Chill in the refrigerator or freezer until set & solid. 


4. Remove from the pan and store in refrigerator or freezer for up to 6 months. 


Give up to 1 small doggie bone Flea Prevention Dog Treat per 10 pounds of body weight daily.
For dogs under 10 pounds, give 1 treat every other day.

When giving these to my fur babies, I’ve noticed at times they gobble them up! Other times they don’t seem as interested.  They seem to know what they need and when they need them.
Here are my babies enjoying a tasty treat!
Vera, Eadie, and Rowdy all waiting patiently!


Licking the jar!!!




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