The sweetest friends deserve the sweetest things! People are so creative and I wanted to share some of these unique finds with you and your fur baby.


  1. Unique and Personalized Dog Tags!

Back in the day, there was really only one option.  You got your dog tag with a few varieties of shapes that had your dogs name and your number.  Now, check out some of these neat and creative ideas:


Call my mom dog tag


Mountain Dog Tag


Not All Who Wander Are Lost Dog Tag


2. Wooly Snuffle Feed Mat: This fun design puts a new twist on meal time! Helps engage your pups natural foraging skills and encourages them to use their most powerful sense of smell.  And don’t worry…it’s machine washable!


3. Treat Tosser: This gadget may take the cake… it is seriously amazing! While your at work or away, you can still interact and give a treat to your fur baby! This thing has 2-way audio and an HD Wifi camera.  You can check on your little one and interact! It can even alert you if your dog starts barking.  How awesome!!!





5. Key and Leash Holder: The sweetest way to stay organized…

leash holder


6. Dog Teepee: Very trendy and adorable little lounge area for your fur baby! Too cute!!! Comes with the cushion as well…I can’t get enough!


6. Dog Doormat: This doormat is SUPER absorbent and helps prevent mud and other fun stuff into your house.  Made of microfiber it also dries quickly so you can avoid that “wet dog” smell. Brilliant!





7. Outdoor Doggie Fountain: This drinking fountain is so clever! What a great way to keep your pup hydrated with fresh water.  Love this idea for dogs during the summer or who stay outside while their humans are gone.


8. Fence Window: Give your dog a little window to help them with their curiosity.  I love this idea for those curious dogs or fence jumpers!



9. Dog Car Organizer: Perfect for the car dog or the road trip you were planning! This thing keeps all the stuff you’ll need handy and ready.

10. Car Seat Covers! Love these for the car too! They protect your car from fur, hair, dirt, water, slobber, and anything else your fur baby gets into…

carseat cover


11. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker: It is like a FitBit for your dog! Keep track of their activity and fitness patterns.  This creative product is also waterproof and connects to your cell phone.  You can be alerted when your dog goes out and use it to find them if they get lost!



12. Dog Rocks: This unique product can help protect your grass from lawn burns–patches of grass that have been killed by frequent urination.





13. Door Scratch Protector: If your dog likes to paw at your door, you can protect it with this simple door protector.


14. Slurpabowls: Super cute and convenient! They are recyclable and store easily on your leash.



15. Pet iN Action Toy:  bully sticks are a dog owner’s favorite.  But, wouldn’t it be nice if that treat lasted a little longer? This ingenious little toy is great for that! Your puppy will have to work around it and keep them engaged for longer.



16. Zipline Dog Harness Seatbelt: Perfect for the dog that’s trying to jump out the window!





17. Grooming/Massage Glove

Brush away mats, light tangles and loose undercoat with a soft, flexible groomer that turns petting into an effective deshedding tool.



feedingchart18. Dog Feeding Chart: Solve miscommunications with this handy chart.  An easy way to keep track of whether or not the dog has been fed!







19. LED Collar: My hubby loves walking the dogs in the evening after dinner.  I enjoy it too, but I am always nervous about cars being able to see the pups.  Love this LED collar that has 3 different modes and a rechargeable battery!


20. Dog Puzzles: This Swedish design is brilliant for keeping your pup stimulated.  Perfect for a rainy day or just because.  Treat your pup with learning and problem solving!



pawwash21. Paw Wash: A gentle and effective way to clean off those muddy paws before coming in the house!





22. Leanlix: A really fun way to treat on the go! Your dog gets a few licks in of this yummy treat that is compact and allows for a quick reward.





23. iFetch: This is a super fun interactive ball launcher! This is on our fur baby’s wish list!



24. Heated Log Dog House: Living in the PNW, I love the idea of having a heated dog house for the pups to play outside but be able to get cozy if they want.


25. Dog Bandana for Collars: These cute and unique bandanas slide over your dog’s collar! So cute!


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