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We are so happy to announce Gabby and Sidekick’s beautiful puppies were born on April 26th! She had 7 gorgeous standard f1b’s–2 male, 5 female.  They will be ready to go home June 24th, or July 1st–if you sign up for Puppy Kindergarten.

Smiling mama! So proud of her pups!


Jake and I were so impressed with how vivacious the little guys were! For being so little they really could get to that milk! Our Wednesday morning was full of sweet snuggles.

IMG_4020 (1)IMG_4022IMG_3982IMG_4021

The First Days

Gabby’s puppies were born late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.  Gabby is a major snuggler so she liked it best to have her head in Jake or my lap.  She was incredible and calm.  Each puppy was affectionately looked after by her and these were the most amazing latchers!

The first 48 hours are the most critical time with puppies.  Jake and I take are constantly watching after them and making sure everyone is able to latch and get their fair share of mama’s milk.  If needed, we supplement a feeding with goats milk.  We make sure they are all hydrated, at the right temperature, and get lots of bonding time with their mama.

In their first few days they have not opened their eyes yet and can’t walk.  They crawl around quite impressively, however, and can get to mama’s milk.  They also don’t bark or cry yet and instead make a sweet chirping noise. All of their time is spend eating or sleeping with Gabby.

Since she had 7 puppies, we divided them into two groups since competition for the milk can leave some stranded.  But after the first 48, we combined them together.  While she liked the smaller groups at first she was not happy about it for long.  She would go over to the cozy basket of her sleeping puppies and pull their blanket off the top to get to them.  Taking the cue from her, we put them all together.  She doesn’t like to go for walks quite yet, and when we take outside for potty breaks and to stretch her legs she is always running back to the door and wanting to be let in! Gabby also loves the extra treats she gets with her food these first few weeks of puppy feeding.  Jake makes her scrambled eggs each morning! We also add a tablespoon of pumpkin puree and sometimes some coconut oil.  I think Gabby is a “foodie,” like me. 😉

What can I do now?

I am the planner in our family and like to do things ahead of time! If you are like me and are excited to get everything ready, check out our new puppy check list.  For a complete list of recommended products, see our resources page.

Here are some other articles as we begin this process that I hope will be helpful:

10 Tips For First Time Puppy Parents

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Mostly, this is the waiting and watching time.  Each week I will post updates for you to enjoy! I will also include more instructions/recommendations as we get to them.

Which puppy is mine?

Many people are eager to know which puppy will be theirs.  I know it can seem impossible right now to have to pick just one!

Here is how this process will work: Since they are still so little, it is hard to determine their personalities and coats.   When the puppies are 5 1/2 to 6 weeks old we can see their personalities more and will preform a temperament test on each puppy.  Then I will read through everyone’s application and pick out my top 2-3 puppies for each family.  After watching the videos, I will ask you to do the same.  Then I will call the first applicant and review our picks until they have picked out a puppy.  I will repeat the process with the second applicant and so on until everyone is matched up.

DON’T WORRY! This is a smooth and simple process and it has gone wonderfully every time! My only caution is to not get your heart set on “one puppy.” Instead, I ask that you keep your heart open to all the puppies.  And for now, just sit back and enjoy ALL their cuteness!

…And finally…the puppies!

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Puppy Pile!

5/3/17: One big week old!!! We are so amazed at how much these little guys have grown! While they still haven’t opened their eyes, you can tell they are getting more mobile. This week they continue to spend all their time sleeping, snuggling with their mama, and nursing.  They no longer have to have goat’s milk and are all able to get their fair share of mama’s milk.  Gabby is doing a great job of tending to them–and I still have to pull her along for walks.

Mama Gabby and I are enjoying the sunshine!!! Hope you are too!

I have now made a sign up available for Puppy Kindergarten.  Puppy K is a class we provide to help transition your puppy to your home. They stay with us for one extra week and we do the first week of potty training and crate training.  It is a nice stepping stone for your puppy as they are still in a familiar surrounding, with some of their siblings, but get put on a schedule and introduced to some basic things.  You can read more about it and/or sign up on our Puppy Kindergarten Page. You still have some time to think about this option–but we do only open up 5 spots and we do usually fill up!

Here are their individual pictures and weights this week:

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Some of them all together: ❤


Two weeks old today!!! Getting nice and plump and sweeter by the day! As you can see in their pictures, they have started to open their eyes and are getting a lot more mobile. Though they aren’t walking quite yet, they are starting to take some bigger steps.  This week, we will also cut their nails and stroke them from head to toe–so they are used to it. This makes grooming them when they are bigger much easier for you and the groomer. They continue to spend all their time sleeping and eating mama’s milk.  Since they are all doing so well, they no longer need to have goat milk supplementation as they are each big enough to get their share!

nails yawn
I guess I’m taking too long!! ha!
Getting her nails done! A little mani/pedi!

Here are their individual pictures and weights:

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Three weeks old and getting bigger every day!!! This week they have started walking around, finding their voices, and have their eyes fully open! This is one of my favorite weeks because there is a new discovery for them everyday!

Mama Gabby is starting to enjoy some small periods of time away from her puppies but is always eager to get back to them.

Some people have started to send us transition blankets! This is a great idea for helping your puppy transition smoothly into your home–we will rub the blanket on Gabby so they will be able to take her scent home.  If you have sent us one already, please shoot me an e-mail letting me know what kind you bought–some of them didn’t have names.  If you are going to buy one and send it to us, you can send it as a “gift,” which will include a card with your name on it.  This will help us know which puppy it is going home with! Thanks!

Here is a list of the items I recommend for smoothing out the transition.  It includes a link to my favorite transition blankets as well. All of these items are in our “recommended” list but it explains how/why it helps your puppy in its transition home, along with a few other tips.

A little video of the cuties:

Weekly pictures!

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5.24.17: Half way to home!!! Week four is a big week for these growing puppies!

This week we have added in straw to their play area as mama is no longer cleaning up after them.  They have more access to the outside  (except night time or if it is too cold out) now and can be indoor or outdoor.  Mercy is starting to spend more time away from them as they grow in independence.

If you haven’t already done so, this is the time when I recommend taking a look at the New Puppy Check List and start getting everything you need.

It is so much fun getting to see their little personalities show! Here is a little video of them playing outside for the first time!

Weekly pictures!

And some more for fun!


Next week is matchup week!!! This week we will start the temperament tests and do videos of the puppies.  Here is how the match up process will work: Between now and then Jake and I will perform a temperament test on each of the puppies. Please read that article so you know what tests we are doing and you can think about the kind of temperament you are looking for in a puppy.

Keep in mind that with Golden Doodles there will not be any extremes and you are going to find more similarities between each of the puppies than differences.  In addition, your puppy’s personality will be a combination of it’s nature and your nurture.  So having a good training foundation is key.  You can read through our Biggest Mistakes Made When Housebreaking to help you avoid pitfalls.

After we have done the temperament test with each of the puppies, we will look through all the applications and pick our top 2-3 puppies for what you were looking for.  Then we call the first people on our list.  Together we talk about the puppies that stood out to them and the puppies that stood out to us for them.  After going over the test results and talking it through they will pick which one they want.  Once they are matched up, we will repeat the process with the second people on our list and so on until everyone is matched up.

Often people are concerned with getting matched up with the “right puppy.”  My advice is always to not worry about it! The process always feel very natural and organic.  And remember–they are all super cute and it is hard to go wrong! The only problem I run into is when people have their mind set on ONE puppy and that puppy gets chosen.  To avoid that, please keep an open mind and open heart to all of the puppies and narrow down your favorites to 3-4.

Only two spots left for Puppy K! Be sure to sign up if you wanted your puppy to participate!

Whew! Now with all that in mind, here are the puppies and their pictures this week:



Now this is an exciting week!!! We have completed the temperament tests! I apologize for it being a couple of days late…Wyatt and I both had a fever for a few days. 😦 But we finally were able to get them done and posted.  Since we were a little under the weather I convinced Jake to do a few of the videos–he was a little nervous but I think he did a great job!

Now begins the matchup process! I will start with the first person our list after a few days so everyone has time to review and think about the puppies. This process can take a while so please be patient if you don’t hear from me for a few days.  Also, please keep in mind there are other families waiting for their puppy match up after you! If you are not signed up for Puppy K this is the time to order your vitamins and food so it can be there when your puppy comes home!

Each puppy has their own video with us preforming the tests on them.  Please review the test in order to see what behaviors the puppies exhibited to earn the results they got.  Keep in mind, this is a guideline for you to use–not the final say on their personalities. As the shy personalities get comfortable/older you may see them not as shy.  The independent behaviors may also decrease as a puppy bonds with their family.  Basically, please see this as a helpful tool but do not put too much into it. We have spent the last 6 weeks with them and can tell you they are all sweethearts! We would love to keep any (or all–hehe!) of them!!



Matchup process complete! Yay!!! It is so exciting getting to know which puppy is yours! I really appreciated everyone’s patience and communication throughout the process.

If you haven’t already seen it, you should have an e-mail from me going over details for pickup day! Please let me know if you didn’t get it as it contains important information!

As pickup day rapidly approaches, now is the time to order your food and vitamins, if you haven’t already done so.

I had one more spot open up for Puppy K so be sure to sign up soon if you want your puppy to participate!

Here are your sweeties almost ready to come home!




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