Mamas!!! I was told of this great idea when my son was born just over a year ago and I have to share it with you! Even if you don’t sew you can make your own nursing tank for less than $5!!

At first I was looking at nursing tank tops and they were really pricey. My goal was to nurse until my son was at least 18 months so I was looking for a good tank to wear for nursing that I could easily wear everday.  I am an active person and wanted to feel comfortable in public while nursing.  I didn’t want to show my stomach and wanted to be in some control of boob exposure. Then my friend showed me how to make the BEST one for the cheapest price!

No matter how long you plan or end up actually nursing–you deserve a great tank! Fed is best! So wether your nursing journey is 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years I hope this will be helpful.

Forever 21 has came tank tops for $1.97 the last time I went.  Because they were so cheap I got many different colors–black, white, cream, grey, green, brown…etc.  These tanks are your only cost so get however many you want with your budget.  And any cami tank will do–these are just super cheap and relatively durable! Here are some Active Basic Tanks you can get from Amazon for only $2.95!


  1. Tank top
  2. Scissors
  3. Fabric Mender (optional)



  1. First step is to flip it backwards and cut the strap off in the back as close to the tank as possible without cutting any of the back–just get the strap.


2. Cut the top of the strap off at the edge of the tank. You don’t want to cut any of strap where it is still connected to the tank.


3. Fold the top corner over and cut a small hole in the middle of the triangle pretty close to the edge.



4. Now you can loop that hole over the clip to your nursing bra! Mission accomplished!

And voila! You now have the easiest and cheapest nursing tank!

It is really that easy!!! My friend even went a step further and used a fabric mender around the hole so it was durable and didn’t wear open over time.  I didn’t use this and here is one of my tanks a year later–used every few days and washed often:

I am about ready to get a new one after 13 months of use–but for only $1.97 I’m pretty impressed.

Also cool–since the straps are gone this also works with a nursing sports bra!

It has made nursing a little easier and I hope it will be helpful to you as well.

Here is me and my sweet little boy still going strong at 13 months!

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