First ever family photo session is in the books! I am starting to feel like a real photographer.  I mentioned to my bible study group that I was trying to practice and several of the sweet families offered to model for me so I could practice and build up my portfolio.

The summertime golden hour is made even more beautiful by the water and with friends.  The Mader’s welcomed home their new baby girl just a few weeks ago.  I was so honored to be able to capture some of these precious moments together as a family of four. Tonight was Keith’s last day of paternity leave so I was so happy they let me in on their precious time together.


How are they so cute?!




The many faces of the most adorable little girl, Liesl… Can she possibly be any cuter????!!!

DSC_0432DSC_0245DSC_0442_1 (1)DSC_0259IMG_4859IMG_4860



One of my favorite parts of the session was when baby Anja was hungry and needed to nurse.  I asked Lindsay if I could get some of her nursing and was so excited she said yes! There is something so beautiful about a mama and her baby.



DSC_0370 (1)DSC_0331DSC_0326DSC_0343DSC_0348DSC_0355DSC_0367

With a happy baby we were able to keep going!



And there was also a diaper change in there too! #newbornlife


Having a new baby is a beautiful but impossibly hard season.  With tonight being Keith’s last day of paternity leave, I just had to capture some of them together.  And I didn’t get any of them just looking at the camera…oops…but these are so magical they kind of make up for it.



I learned so much from this session.  And mostly I just fell even more in love with this art.  I did not expect it to be this much fun and get so much joy from being a part of a family session.  Now I’m hooked.


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