We are over the moon and so thrilled to finally have a litter of medium f1b’s!!!!! It’s been over a year and many of you have been waiting longer than that.  I first just want to thank you for your understanding and support as we have waited for these sweethearts!

Mercy had 7 beautiful medium f1b’s on August 20th.  She had 3 girls and 4 boys.  They will be ready to go home October 20th. We are offering a Puppy Kindergarten class for this litter, and if you sign up for the extra week, they will be ready to go home October 27th.  You can sign up for Puppy K here.


Only a few more days until Pickup Day and we start Puppy Kindergarten! We are looking forward to meeting all of you and for you all to meet your puppy!

Please let me know if you have not received an e-mail from me that goes over details about pickup day.

Here is one last picture of your cutie pie to tie you over for a few more days!!!

Bright Blue
Dark Blue


It’s matchup time!!!

I will start with the first person our list tomorrow (Tuesday) so everyone has time to review and think about the puppies. This process can take a while so please be patient if you don’t hear from me for a few days.  Also, please keep in mind there are other families waiting for their puppy match up after you! If you are not signed up for Puppy K this is the time to order your vitamins and food so it can be there when your puppy comes home! Please send me an e-mail if you would like my sister-in-law to do puppy kindergarten with your puppy asap! 

Each puppy has their own video with us preforming the tests on them.  Please review the test in order to see what behaviors the puppies exhibited to earn the results they got.  Keep in mind, this is a guideline for you to use–not the final say on their personalities.  You will definitely be able to tell they are siblings! And as the shy personalities get comfortable/older you may see them not as shy.  The independent behaviors may also decrease as a puppy bonds with their family.  Basically, please see this as a helpful tool but do not put too much into it. We have spent the last 7 weeks with them and can tell you they are all sweethearts! The hardest part is having to pick ONE!

I will keep this updated as puppies are chosen.  You will see their collar color and then “Available,” or “Reserved.”  So when you check back through you can stay up to date on who is available.

Talk to you soon!

1. Black Collar-Boy-Reserved

Black Collar-Boy

2. Bright Blue Collar-Boy-Reserved

Bright Blue Collar-Boy

3. Dark Blue Collar-Boy-Reserved

Dark Blue Collar-Boy

4. Orange Collar-Boy-Reserved

Orange Collar-Boy

5. Pink Collar-Girl-Reserved

Pink Collar-Girl

6. Purple Collar-Girl-Reserved

Purple Collar-Girl

7. Teal Collar-Girl-Reserved

Teal Collar-Girl-Available


Happy October everyone! Our October has been so good to us so far with a couple days of sun.  The puppies playing in the leaves is so cute!

We are starting temperament  tests this week! yay!!! Here is how it will go: Jake and I will film each puppy getting a specific set of tests to help reveal some of their natural tendencies.  Please read through this chart so you can understand the test when you see it.

*Keep in mind that with Golden Doodles there will not be any extremes and you are going to find more similarities between each of the puppies than differences.  In addition, your puppy’s personality will be a combination of it’s nature and your nurture.  So having a good training foundation is key. If you have not already done so, this is a good time to make sure you’ve read up on the different methods so you can have a game plan ready to go when your puppy arrives.  Here are my Top 5 Favorite Books on Dog Training.  

After we post the videos, I will call the all of you, starting with the first family, and will talk about their tests and help you get matched up.  I will update this post as puppies are chosen so you can see who is still available to choose from.

Often people are concerned with getting matched up with the “right puppy.”  My advice is always to not worry about it! The process always feel very natural and organic.  And remember–they are all super cute and it is hard to go wrong! The only problem I run into is when people have their mind set on ONE puppy and that puppy gets chosen.  To avoid that, please keep an open mind and open heart to all of the puppies.

As we are getting so close to pickup day I just wanted to repost some important articles about bringing your puppy home in case you haven’t read them yet:

What to Expect Your Puppy’s First Night Home

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

DIY Natural Pee Repellant Carpet Spray

DIY Flea Prevention Dog Treats

Weekly pictures!

Black Collar-Boy
Bright Blue Collar-Boy
Dark Blue Collar-Boy
Orange Collar-Boy
Pink Collar-Girl
Purple Collar-Girl
Teal Collar-Girl


The little puppies are growing up so much and we are loving getting to bring them outside to play with us now! You can really see in their pictures this week that the puppies are starting to grow into their individual looks.  Even with siblings that have a similar look, It’s easy for us to tell them apart now without having to look at their collars.

Mama Mercy is starting to enjoy larger amounts of time away from her puppies, but is still eager to get back to them.  This week, I recommend looking into what areas may need to be prepped for bringing your puppy home.  Are there areas that need to be gated off? Does the basket of blankets need to be relocated? All of the “puppy proofing” will be temporary! But I recommend looking into that now as you may need supplies–If you have really nice rugs, I would suggest rolling them up or gating them off until your fur baby is potty trained.  I get cheap “training rugs,” as I call them.  Ones that I don’t care about and won’t be upset if they go to the bathroom on.  I use them to help train the puppies not to go on carpet then throw them away.  Here is an article about “puppy proofing” your home that can help you look at your home and think about what you may want to get ready.

Weekly pictures:

Black Collar-Male
Bright Blue-Male
Dark Blue-Male

Mama Mercy on her favorite walk through our neighbor’s 130 acres…


Post dinner nap cuteness…



This week the puppies are really getting playful! We are enjoying being able to bring them outside more often and see them run around the house, getting more comfortable. This week is a good week to start reading up on how you want to handle the first few weeks.  In addition to obedience training, I recommend reading up on what the first few days are like.   Having a solid foundation and sticking to a method is key to raising a pup with good house manners, and easy for walks.  This starts the first day you bring them home! That’s why I recommend doing the reading now–so you’ll already have a game plan when your pup is home.  Here are some articles and books you may find helpful, but feel free to research on your own!

If you are signed up for Puppy K, the potty training schedule listed below will be what we will be doing for the class.  If you are not, I hope it can be a helpful guide as you do this training yourself.

What to expect your puppy’s first night home

The best potty training schedule

Here are the updated pictures!

Black Collar-Male-52.6oz
Bright Blue-Male-50.1oz
Dark Blue-Male-47.1oz
Orange Collar-Male-30.6oz
Pink Collar-Female-31.7oz
Purple Collar-Female-32.9oz
Teal Collar-Female-47.1oz

And a few more cute ones…



I can’t believe how fast these guys are growing! And they just keep getting cuter! If you haven’t already done so, this is the time when I recommend taking a look at the New Puppy Check List and start getting everything you need.

They are slowly growing in independence and moving around quite a bit! It is so much fun getting to see their little personalities show! They are not the biggest fans of this rain and when we get some sun breaks we will bring them with us to play outside!

This is also a good time to start reading up on what kind of training method you will use. Fortunately, there are so many good options! I just recommended finding one that you think will go well with your personality and lifestyle.  I’ve included my favorite books and a little bit about them in the article below:

Top 5 Dog Training Books

Here is a little video of the puppies!


Weekly Pictures:

Black Collar-Male-43.2oz
Bright Blue Collar-Male-44.3oz
Dark Blue Collar-Male-38.7oz
Orange Collar-Male-26.1oz
Pink Collar-Female-25.5oz
Purple Collar-Female-29.3oz
Teal Collar-Female-36.6oz

And Wyatt is obsessed with “snuggling” the puppies! I promise I make sure he doesn’t squish them and he is so careful! haha! (Purple girl is his favorite <3)



Happy Labor Day!!! And happy September! Fall always feels like a new start to me.  Love this time of year for puppies! We are so pleased with the growth and progress of these sweet puppies!  As you can see in their pictures, they have started to open their eyes and are getting a lot more mobile. Though they aren’t walking quite yet, they are starting to take some bigger steps.  This week, we will also cut their nails and stroke them from head to toe–so they are used to it. This makes grooming them when they are bigger much easier for you and the groomer. They continue to spend all their time sleeping and eating mama’s milk.  Since they are all doing so well, they no longer need to have goat milk supplementation as they are each big enough to get their share!

As spots are filling up for Puppy Kindergarten, I wanted to share ideas to help your puppy transition whether you’re doing Puppy K or not. And just a heads up, we will have a transition blanket for you all in your “Puppy Pack,” that will have mama Mercy’s scent on it for your puppy to take home.

How to Help Your Puppy Transition Home

What to Expect the First Night Home

Here are weekly pictures!

Black Collar-Male-30.9oz
Bright Blue Collar-Male-30.7oz
Dark Blue Collar-Male-30.5oz
Orange Collar-Male-19.5oz
Pink Collar-Female-17.4oz
Purple Collar-Female-21.7oz
Teal Collar-Female-26.4oz

And some more of them all together…



The First Days

Mercy’s puppies were born in the middle of the night while I was with my family in Seattle for my grandmother’s memorial (she lived to be 101!!!).  Jake had come home early to be with Mercy as we knew she was ready to deliver any day. Our good friend was watching her while we were gone. He ended up staying up until 10 am the next morning until I was home and could take over! Amazing!!!!  Mercy was amazing and easy and Jake only had to keep her comfortable.

The first 48 hours are the most critical time with puppies.  Jake and I take are constantly watching after them and making sure everyone is able to latch and get their fair share of mama’s milk.  If needed, we supplement a feeding with goats milk.  We make sure they are all hydrated, at the right temperature, and get lots of bonding time with their mama. The runt in this group is Pink.  We have been giving her lots of extra calorie puppy gel and goats milk in addition to watching her have a turn with Mercy.  But all the other puppies are now plenty plump and going on their own!

In their first few days they have not opened their eyes yet and can’t walk.  They crawl around quite impressively, however, and can get to mama’s milk.  They also don’t bark or cry yet and instead make a sweet chirping noise. All of their time is spend eating or sleeping with Mercy.

Since she had 7 puppies, we divided them into two groups since competition for the milk can leave some stranded.  But after the first 48, we combined them together.  Mostly, Mercy is such a sweet mama and didn’t like having any of her babies away from her.  She also does a good job of rotating them herself.  She doesn’t like to go for walks quite yet, and when we take outside for potty breaks and to stretch her legs she is always running back to the door and wanting to be let in.  She is the sweetest mama!

What can I do now?

I am the planner in our family and like to do things way ahead of time! If you are like me and are excited to get everything ready, check out our new puppy check list.  For a complete list of recommended products, see our resources page.

Here are some other articles as we begin this process that I hope will be helpful:

10 Tips For First Time Puppy Parents

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Top 5 Dog Training Books

Mostly, this is the waiting and watching time.  Each week I will post updates for you to enjoy! I will also include more instructions/recommendations as we get to them.

Which puppy is mine?

I am doing the matchup process a little differently this litter than I have been.  Typically, I wait until the puppies are 7 weeks old to do a temperament test.  However, the last several litters their temperaments are all just varying degrees of responsive so it really came down to the gender and coat.  Then, we were getting so close to pickup day and people still didn’t know who was their puppy.  So this time, once the next person in line decides I will move on to the next family.  With this, you are absolutely okay to wait until the temperament tests.  But if you already know than I will go ahead and match you up (when it’s your turn)!

I will still preform a temperament test on each puppy.  I will video this process and post them on this page so you can see them and how adorable they are!

I am amazed at how smoothly all of the match-ups have gone.  The only problem I have run into is when someone get’s their heart set and then it’s chosen.  Instead, I ask that you keep your heart open to all the puppies.  Then, when it is your turn, narrow it down. And for now, just sit back and enjoy ALL their cuteness!

Here are they are!

Black Collar-Male-13.1oz
Bright Blue Collar-Male-12.9oz
Dark Blue Collar-Male-13.7oz
Orange Collar-Male-10.1oz
Pink Collar-Female-7.1oz
Purple Collar-Female-11.4oz
Teal Collar-Female-13.5oz

And some more of them all together…



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