The first thing you will notice about Jonah is his authenticity.  He is joyful and creative and working with him on this photoshoot was a blast! He was up for adventure and wanted to do something a little different for his pictures.  So we featured some unlikely accessories including his famous rolling backpack, giraffes from when he was a baby, and a classic balloon.  I hope these images will help to capture this wonderful stage in life and show you what a wonderful young man he is.



How sweet is this!? Love the milestone pictures of babies next to their lovey’s and it was so fun to have them for this milestone! Such a great idea!


DSC_0950 2
You know you’re cool when you can make a rolling backpack cool.
It’s a legend.


DSC_0921 2DSC_0913 2DSC_0910DSC_0903DSC_0901

And this was not warmed up! 
And then I totally messed up and let the balloon go…. But at least we got some great pictures with it!!! 

DSC_0845DSC_0830DSC_0829DSC_0826DSC_0826 2DSC_0799DSC_0797DSC_0795 2DSC_0788DSC_0786

It was pretty great having those nerds on the ground! Perfect splash of color!


DSC_0736DSC_0751DSC_0753DSC_0767DSC_0728DSC_0726_2DSC_0718DSC_0705DSC_0650DSC_0637 2

DSC_0009 2

Can’t stop dancing!
DSC_0039 2
It was time to go but we had to take one more!



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