“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” C.S. Lewis

This family’s life has turned upside down. Their son (1y) was just diagnosed with JMML, a rare form of leukemia. Their daughter (2y) is also receiving chemo treatments for non-cancerous tumors behind her eyes. Would you please consider checking out their Go Fund Me page to help support this beautiful family? Let’s wrap them up with love and support!

My dream was to capture the beautiful love they have for each other, their joy, and highlight their personalities.  Kara also wanted some good pictures of the kids before they started their treatments.  What a special assignment!

All week I had been asking for sun for our photo shoot.  But Sunday evening came and it was cloudy.  Just as we were getting started the sun dipped below those clouds and gave us incredible lighting for the rest of our shoot! I was so thankful!!!

I apologize for some disorganization in sharing these pictures…my computer is being super weird and I’ve had to start over twice!


That eyebrow raise though! haha!IMG_2659IMG_2584IMG_2578IMG_2577IMG_2576IMG_2575IMG_2574IMG_2572IMG_2571DSC_0989DSC_0967DSC_0965DSC_0979


Love Oliver laughing so hard into his mama! DSC_0936DSC_0929DSC_0933

Wanted to get another shot of those blonde curls! DSC_0930DSC_0923DSC_0909DSC_0900

Hugs for little brother!DSC_0895DSC_0893

DSC_0890DSC_0884DSC_0882DSC_0853DSC_0850DSC_0841DSC_0837DSC_0849DSC_0845DSC_0829DSC_0826DSC_0812DSC_0806Such a fun mama!DSC_0802DSC_0789DSC_0787DSC_0783DSC_0775DSC_0742DSC_0670DSC_0667DSC_0665DSC_0618DSC_0610DSC_0603DSC_0593DSC_0570DSC_0548DSC_0531DSC_0523DSC_0568DSC_0513DSC_0529DSC_0605IMG_2657DSC_0496DSC_0491DSC_0487DSC_0485DSC_0479DSC_0476 (1)DSC_0441DSC_0427DSC_0415DSC_0051DSC_0466

Ain’t no mama like the mama I got.DSC_0476DSC_0438

Had to get those blonde curls!DSC_0436DSC_0407DSC_0397DSC_0400DSC_0380DSC_0377DSC_0376DSC_0368DSC_0491 (1)DSC_0364DSC_0363DSC_0356DSC_0345DSC_0345 (1)

Parenting.  Am I right!? haha!DSC_0338DSC_0335DSC_0328DSC_0327DSC_0322DSC_0331DSC_0310DSC_0308DSC_0297DSC_0296DSC_0288DSC_0305DSC_0286DSC_0286 copyDSC_0261 (1)DSC_0274DSC_0273DSC_0261DSC_0260DSC_0244DSC_0241DSC_0235DSC_0199

Sharing is caring. ❤DSC_0188DSC_0186DSC_0183DSC_0173DSC_0133DSC_0130DSC_0118DSC_0103DSC_0100DSC_0886DSC_0087DSC_0085DSC_0091IMG_2579DSC_0032DSC_0033

That smirk! haha!DSC_0030DSC_0046DSC_0024DSC_0002DSC_0043DSC_0086DSC_0113DSC_0118 (1)DSC_0114DSC_0146DSC_0052DSC_0048DSC_0197DSC_0180DSC_0192DSC_0189DSC_0173 copyDSC_0165DSC_0161DSC_0160DSC_0246DSC_0245DSC_0202DSC_0278DSC_0205DSC_0219DSC_0227


Come Lord Jesus!


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