We are so happy to welcome Sadie and Duke’s beautiful Medium English F2 Goldendoodles! They were born December 16 and will be ready to go home February 20. She had 4 girls and 5 boys. We do have a couple of spots open on this list so please go to our website and fill out an application to adopt one of these cuties.


What a fun week of growing these sweet guys had! We are loving seeing more of their personalities come through! This is a good week to start thinking about any changes you may need to make to get your home ready for your new puppy. Here are a couple of articles that can aid you in thinking through how to prepare your home.

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

What to Expect The First Night Home

Weekly Pictures!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WE MADE IT!!!! This year is already looking up with these sweet pups getting closer to coming home!

This is a good time to start thinking about the training method you want to use so you can order any books you want and get your reading done now. I have found it impossible to pick one method and personally use a collection of a few. Here is a list of my favorite books:

My Top 5 Dog Training Books

Weekly Pictures!


Merry Christmas!!!! I hope these little herbs will make your ‘season’ sweeter! Wishing you all a joyful and wonderful holiday!!!

As you can see in their pictures, they have started to open their eyes and are getting a lot more mobile. Though they aren’t walking quite yet, they are starting to take some bigger steps.  This week, we also cut their nails and massage them from head to toe–so they are used to it. This makes grooming them when they are bigger much easier for you and the groomer. They continue to spend all their time sleeping and eating mama’s milk.

As you guys are thinking about whether to do Puppy Kindergarten, I wanted to share ideas to help your puppy transition whether you’re doing Puppy K or not. One of the things I mention is getting a transition blanket–we will have this for you and you do not need to get one.

How to Help Your Puppy Transition Home

What to Expect the First Night Home

Weekly Pictures!

Sadie came to our house a few days before she delivered. I knew the morning of the 16 she would be having her puppies that night! She was giving us all the signs so we got her all set up in front of our fireplace and she was delivering by dinnertime! She was amazing and so quick to attend to her puppies.

We love the first few days of newborn puppies! The first 48 hours are the most critical time with puppies.  Jake and I take are constantly watching after them and making sure everyone is able to latch and get their fair share of mama’s milk.  If needed, we supplement a feeding with goats milk.  We make sure they are all hydrated, at the right temperature, and get lots of bonding time with their mama.

In their first few days they have not opened their eyes yet and can’t walk.  They crawl around quite impressively, however, and can get to mama’s milk.  They also don’t bark or cry yet and instead make a sweet chirping noise. All of their time is spend eating or sleeping with Sadie. She doesn’t like to go for walks quite yet, and is always eager to get back to her puppies after a little potty or stretch break.

What can I do now?

I am the planner in our family and like to do things way ahead of time! If you are like me and are excited to get everything ready, check out our resource page

Here are some other articles as we begin this process that I hope will be helpful:

10 Tips For First Time Puppy Parents

Top 5 Dog Training Books

Mostly, this is the waiting and watching time.  Each week I will post updates for you to enjoy! I will also include more instructions/recommendations as we get to them.

Which puppy is mine?

I am continually amazed at how smoothly all of the match-ups have gone.  The only problem I have run into is when someone get’s their heart set on ONE puppy and then it’s chosen.  Instead, I ask that you keep your heart open to all the puppies.  Then, when it is your turn, narrow it down. And for now, just sit back and enjoy ALL their cuteness!

I will match people up in the order I’ve received your applications. Starting with the first application. This is the hardest part (having to pick just one)!! I usually ask people to pick one thing that is most important to them– some things to consider are coat type (straighter vs wavy vs curly), color of coat, gender, and size. Once the next person in line decides I will move on to the next family.  With this, it is absolutely okay to wait and see how the puppies grow. But I will work with you on helping you decide. I will keep their new pictures updated if they have been reserved or if they are still available.

One of our favorite parts is giving the puppies nicknames! We choose a theme to name them and this litter we’ve chosen to go with some of my favorite herbs!  Of course, you will be welcome to pick your own name for your puppy!

Here they are!

Nursing with their mama Sadie

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