We are over the moon and so thrilled to finally have a litter of medium f1b’s!!!!! It’s been over a year and many of you have been waiting longer than that.  I first just want to thank you for your understanding and support as we have waited for these sweethearts! Mercy had 7 beautiful medium […]


After I finally found our meeting spot (drove around for about 10 minutes trying to find it) I was thrilled to get to photograph this sweet family.  It is so special to get to photograph friends.  And Thomas and Zoe are like the cutest kids ever.  Wyatt was jealous I got to hang out with... Continue Reading →

First ever family photo session is in the books! I am starting to feel like a real photographer.  I mentioned to my bible study group that I was trying to practice and several of the sweet families offered to model for me so I could practice and build up my portfolio. The summertime golden hour... Continue Reading →

One day your sweet ball of fluff may start to become a chewing machine.  Nothing is safe any longer! Your couch, shoes, chairs, chargers, and even your own ankles may be getting a makeover from your puppy! I wanted to write up a helpful guide in handling this stage of puppyhood.  I hope you find... Continue Reading →

The evidence is everywhere.  Toys litter the yard as I peak through the front window.  I step around plastic tractors and overturned trains.  Snatch up a dirty sweater left abandoned as the sun warmed our humble house.  It would not take you two seconds to see we have a toddler.  His evidence is everywhere.  I'm... Continue Reading →

How is my little guy 2???!!! Looking back on this past year, I wanted to share what his favorite things to play with were.  I feel like I'm always trying to get rid of the overflow of toys that can accrue with birthdays, holidays, and hand-me-downs.   I hope this can be a guide for... Continue Reading →

Of all the crazy things I've done in life, and let's face it... there have many, this was by far the craziest. The funny thing about birth is that, like much of parenting, you can plan all you want but you really don't know how it's going to happen until your in it.  That is... Continue Reading →

We are so happy to welcome Apple's beautiful puppies!!! She had 4 standard f1's on May 6th.  They will be ready to go home June 30th. 6.22.18 It's matchup time!!! I will start with the first person our list tomorrow (Saturday) so everyone has time to review and think about the puppies. This process can... Continue Reading →

Starting to train puppy can be intimidating.  First, there is so much information out there and different ideas on philosophies.  Then, you must consider your own dog's personality  as well as your family dynamic.  The season you are at in life can also greatly impact what you can/cannot do for puppy training.  With all of... Continue Reading →

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