One day your sweet ball of fluff may start to become a chewing machine.  Nothing is safe any longer! Your couch, shoes, chairs, chargers, and even your own ankles may be getting a makeover from your puppy! I wanted to write up a helpful guide in handling this stage of puppyhood.  I hope you find... Continue Reading →

We are so happy to welcome Apple's beautiful puppies!!! She had 4 standard f1's on May 6th.  They will be ready to go home June 30th. 6.22.18 It's matchup time!!! I will start with the first person our list tomorrow (Saturday) so everyone has time to review and think about the puppies. This process can... Continue Reading →

Starting to train puppy can be intimidating.  First, there is so much information out there and different ideas on philosophies.  Then, you must consider your own dog's personality  as well as your family dynamic.  The season you are at in life can also greatly impact what you can/cannot do for puppy training.  With all of... Continue Reading →

We are so happy to welcome 9 beautiful new Teddy Bear Goldendoodles to our home! These sweeties were born December 2nd to Vera and Cooper.  They will be ready to go home February 3rd. All puppies are spoken for. 1.27.18 The matchup process is complete! I am so impressed with how wonderfully it all went!... Continue Reading →

Bringing home your new puppy is an exciting day! You've probably been preparing for your pup in many ways and now your ready to bring them home! My husband and I raise and train premium goldendoodle puppies in the beautiful PNW.  I work with amazing families who want the best for their newest member of... Continue Reading →

We are so happy to announce Apple and Coopers beautiful litter of standard f1 goldendoodles were born!!! She had 3 boys and 3 girls! They will be ready to go home December 16th.  We will not be offering a Puppy Kindergarten class for this litter. All of her puppies have been reserved. 12.8.17 ONE MORE... Continue Reading →

Living in the Pacific Northwest I often get families with a holistic/homeopathic mindset for the care of their humans and canines.  After helping many families deal with worms I've finally decided to compile what I've learned to share with all of you. Many dogs are able to take chemical treatments for the infection of worms.... Continue Reading →

We are so excited about Eadie and Coopers Teddy Bear standard F1 Goldendoodles born July 11th! We can already see some incredibly gorgeous curly coats.  Matched with Coopers markings these TBD are the definition of cuteness.  They will be ready to go home September 9th, or September 16th if you sign up for Puppy Kindergarten.... Continue Reading →

8.27.17 It's matchup week!!! Doing the temperament tests with the puppies was a blast and I loved getting to really see the small differences in their personalities. This litter has the most similar personalities between the puppies than I have ever seen! If I wasn't switching them out myself and if they didn't have different... Continue Reading →

The Fourth of July used to be one of my favorite holidays! Growing up, the whole neighborhood would get together for a BBQ and firework display.  It was a blast!!! But it is difficult to enjoy it as much when you have a loved one obviously in distress. Depending on breed, dogs can hear 10-100... Continue Reading →

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