Most of the time I LOVE sandwiches, especially in panini form! But I have to keep things switched up.  I love to make this fresh, healthy, protein packed lunch bowl.  This is my go-to when I'm tired of chicken and/or sandwiches.  It's fast, easy, and yummy! Why tuna? Tuna is not only delicious and a... Continue Reading →

It is a beautiful thing when you find something that is both healthy and delicious.  That was the experience my husband and I had when we tried out this idea for a sweet potato rub.  It turned out to be amazingly delicious!!!! Have it for a healthier dessert, starter, snack or side dish. Ingredients: 4... Continue Reading →

Fleas are a problem for all dogs but can get especially bad during flea season. It feels like I am often giving the monthly flea treatment on a weekly basis! I cringe at the thought of all those chemicals!! If you've been following along you already know I like to use natural and organic products... Continue Reading →

Preggers Food Chart!

Eating well is import for your whole lifespan but there is nothing like carrying a little one that makes you really aware of what you are putting into your body.  As moms, we want to make sure our baby is getting everything they need.  Here is a food chart that can help you keep track... Continue Reading →

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