The Fourth of July used to be one of my favorite holidays! Growing up, the whole neighborhood would get together for a BBQ and firework display.  It was a blast!!! But it is difficult to enjoy it as much when you have a loved one obviously in distress. Depending on breed, dogs can hear 10-100... Continue Reading →

*Last updated 6/27/17 Vera was incredible having ELEVEN beautiful and healthy standard F1 Teddy  Bear Goldendoodles on May 3rd.  We are over the moon with these sweeties... Vera's Teddy Bears will be ready to go home Sunday, July 2nd or July 9th if you sign up for Puppy Kindergarten. The First Days Vera appeared to... Continue Reading →

*Last updated 6/4/17 We are so excited Mercy had 7 gorgeous medium f1b puppies on April 17th.  They will be ready to go home June 10th, or June 17th if you sign up for Puppy Kindergarten. One thing that has stood out to us right away is how snuggly these little guys are! Here are... Continue Reading →

The sweetest friends deserve the sweetest things! People are so creative and I wanted to share some of these unique finds with you and your fur baby. Enjoy! Unique and Personalized Dog Tags! Back in the day, there was really only one option.  You got your dog tag with a few varieties of shapes that had... Continue Reading →

Puppy proofing your home is a way to make sure your puppy stays safe and to minimize the damage from a playing pup.  Since every home and puppy is different, you may need to alter or add to our list. While you are getting ready to bring you new fur baby home, here are some basic... Continue Reading →

We work with many families who want to fly home with their new puppy.  I've learned so much about this process since we started! We have been working with countless families and their puppies and I wanted to share what I've learned with you. If you are picking up a puppy, you can carry that puppy on... Continue Reading →

Fleas are a problem for all dogs but can get especially bad during flea season. It feels like I am often giving the monthly flea treatment on a weekly basis! I cringe at the thought of all those chemicals!! If you've been following along you already know I like to use natural and organic products... Continue Reading →

Did you know that dogs tend to return to places that have a urine odor?! Meaning they will build a habit of going in certain areas of your home if not remedied. Therefore, make sure the first thing you do is efficiently clean all areas that may have any urine on them before applying any... Continue Reading →

We've all been there... company comes over and your fur baby is super excited and you ask them to "sit."  They don't listen...  “Sit SIT,”  you continue, “Ollie sit, …. Sit… SIT!”   Ollie eventually sits, with his happy face on, tongue lolling.   He is quite adorable, but every time he is required to do something, he has to be... Continue Reading →

As this beautiful summer season is drawing to a close, we are having to move a lot of our dog’s play time indoors.  I thought I would share some of our favorite play time activities to help your dog get some energy out! I hope these activities will be fun for both of you no... Continue Reading →

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