Bringing home your new puppy is an exciting day! You've probably been preparing for your pup in many ways and now your ready to bring them home! My husband and I raise and train premium goldendoodle puppies in the beautiful PNW. ¬†I work with amazing families who want the best for their newest member of... Continue Reading →

Fleas are a problem for all dogs but can get especially bad during flea season. It feels like I am often giving the monthly flea treatment on a weekly basis! I cringe at the thought of all those chemicals!! If you've been following along you already know I like to use natural and organic products... Continue Reading →

It is so exciting to be getting a new puppy!!! But what do they need? Every good dog owner wants to make sure they are prepared and ready to welcome the newest member of the family. ¬†Balance that with all the things you DON'T need! Here is a list of the basics I recommend and... Continue Reading →

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