We are so excited about Eadie and Coopers Teddy Bear standard F1 Goldendoodles born July 11th! We can already see some incredibly gorgeous curly coats.  Matched with Coopers markings these TBD are the definition of cuteness.  They will be ready to go home September 9th, or September 16th if you sign up for Puppy Kindergarten.... Continue Reading →


8.27.17 It's matchup week!!! Doing the temperament tests with the puppies was a blast and I loved getting to really see the small differences in their personalities. This litter has the most similar personalities between the puppies than I have ever seen! If I wasn't switching them out myself and if they didn't have different... Continue Reading →

Mamas!!! I was told of this great idea when my son was born just over a year ago and I have to share it with you! Even if you don't sew you can make your own nursing tank for less than $5!! At first I was looking at nursing tank tops and they were really... Continue Reading →

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