It's not possible to keep a straight face when you watched Kyle and Justin the day before their wedding. You can't help but catch the contagious smile of those love birds. Completely in love and you can cut the chemistry with a knife.  Despite a few glitches during the rehearsal, they were so full... Continue Reading →


Not only is this family incredibly beautiful and adorable but they are near and dear to my heart.  This is my older sister and her family and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! It was delightful to get to work with them to capture some sweet moments.  My two year old son came with and it... Continue Reading →

The first thing you will notice about Jonah is his authenticity.  He is joyful and creative and working with him on this photoshoot was a blast! He was up for adventure and wanted to do something a little different for his pictures.  So we featured some unlikely accessories including his famous rolling backpack, giraffes from... Continue Reading →

After I finally found our meeting spot (drove around for about 10 minutes trying to find it) I was thrilled to get to photograph this sweet family.  It is so special to get to photograph friends.  And Thomas and Zoe are like the cutest kids ever.  Wyatt was jealous I got to hang out with... Continue Reading →

First ever family photo session is in the books! I am starting to feel like a real photographer.  I mentioned to my bible study group that I was trying to practice and several of the sweet families offered to model for me so I could practice and build up my portfolio. The summertime golden hour... Continue Reading →

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