How is my little guy 2???!!! Looking back on this past year, I wanted to share what his favorite things to play with were.  I feel like I’m always trying to get rid of the overflow of toys that can accrue with birthdays, holidays, and hand-me-downs.   I hope this can be a guide for you as you may be planning a gift registry for a first birthday or perhaps you’re just looking for something new and fun for your little one! While every kiddo is different and into different things, these were just ones that my little one loved.

Other than books, here are his top 11 favorite toys:


1. Push Bike

Our little guy loved being pushed around on this bike! It was great for going for walks and just playing around in our yard.  I like that he can be buckled in so I don’t have to worry about him slipping out.  It was fun to see his growth as he slowly learned he could pedal! It is easy to steer and held up well on our gravel and grass!



2. Fishing Set

Mama’s getting to put on makeup today brought to you by this adorable magnetic fishing set! This has seriously been one my little guys favorite things from 1-2.  Eco friendly wooden fishing play set helps build dexterity and eye-hand coordination. He doesn’t yet use the turnable pole reel but I love that he will get to grow into that.  It is easy for him to pick up the fish with the embedded magnetic hook to attract either sides of 8 different wooden fish – including an eel and an octopus. So sweet!!!


3. Musical Set

From the same company that makes the fishing set, this has been so much fun with our little guy.  He loves music and playing all the instruments.  This collection includes a Guitar, Drum, Xylophone (choice of black, or white), Tambourine, Pair of Maracas, Harmonica, and Jingle Bells. It’s fun for the whole family! These can all also be bought separately.

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4. Bubbles! 

Seriously, this has been a life saver! Somehow my little guy started to HATE bath time…so having these made the horrible experience fun again.  Plus, once he was in there and his hands were wet, he can actually catch these bubbles! A great way to get them running around outside too.  Unlike you typical store bought bubbles, these bubbles from Germany are way more durable, and you get tons of bubbles per wand!


5. Bucket and Shovel

The good ol’ bucket and shovel.  Hard to beat this fun game of filling and dumping.  A great toy for this developmental stage.  Of course, use caution as to which tools to give them.  Our little guy never wanted a “kids” shovel, so we got him this more “realistic looking” set and started off with just the flat shovel.

6. Macrame Hammock Baby Swing Chair

First, it’s just adorable.  Second, it’s in indoor swing! And living in the PNW, swinging outside is not often an option for 9 months of the year.  Plus, how fun to be able to have your little one hanging (no pun intended) out with you and you have your arms free! Dinner here we come! We didn’t have one of these but one of my good friends did and Wyatt loved it when we were over there.  My friend assures me it was a lifesaver.

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7. Montessori Wooden Cylinder Socket Family

I love the Montessori style of learning and my little one took quickly to this game.  Each row is different, letting my little one learn about different shapes, sizes, depths, lengths, and thickness. He grew so much in his judgment as we played this throughout the months.  It also a great game for working on that hand-eye coordination.



8. Coloring Book and Honey Stick Beeswax Crayons

In the past year, my little guy developed a love for coloring.  I like these Honeysticks beeswax crayons that are handmade in New Zealand with 100% pure New Zealand beeswax with non-toxic pigments so they are safe for infants, kids and children of all ages. Contains no paraffin wax or cheap fillers.


9. Melissa and Doug’s Fold and Go Wooden Barn With Animals and Farm Friends

My little one was obsessed (and still is) with animals.  These farm friends came with us everywhere–the car, bath time, walks, and they even shared a meal or two. 😉 I loved getting to see him practice caring for others and we had a blast playing in this little barn. One of his favorite things was just putting them in and out of their stalls.


10. Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Between the ages of 1-2 we flew on an airplane 6 times! This little set was a winner for all of those flights.  The magnetic part made it easy for my little guy to stack them and have them stay, even in a bumpy car or plane ride.  One of our favorite things to do together this past year was a “mommy/son date” at Starbucks.  I saved these blocks for these special occasions.  We would stack them up while I had a coffee (and he got an almond milk).  Some precious memories together!


11. Train Set

As he was getting closer to two, this was his all time favorite thing! He could play with these trains for hours!!! He still needed some assistance in setting up the track and playing, so it was a fun activity to do together.  In fact, he grew to love trains so much we ended up taking him on a real train ride for his 2nd birthday!


Fun on the train for his birthday!


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